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Power point installation Port Macquarie

Power Point Installation

Don't move into your new home to find power points and switches in the wrong place. We consult with you and then install power points in places that suit you.

We have a standard charge for exterior wall installation; internal walls may incur an extra charge depending on the type of wall.

We recommended Clipsal for their wide range of flat, flush and decorative power points which are available in various colours.

Emergency Service, Purcell Electrics

Emergency Service

Call us

  • for any electrical emergency
  • to discuss our on-call rates
  • Note: The RTA uses Purcell Electrics for emergency repairs of local traffic lights
Electrical Safety Switches Port Macquarie

Safety Switches

Since 1996 Australian Law has required new houses to have a safety switch. In older houses all existing electrical installations must be upgraded to safety-switch standard whenever any new work is done. As this law will apply to commercial properties from 2016 we recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

Port Macquarie Electrician Service Call

Service Call

  • we are available 24/7
  • $65.00 call out fee between 9am and 5pm in the Port Macquarie Area, including GST
  • we charge an hourly rate that depends on the time of day
  • please ask us at the time of call out for the hourly rate
New homes and renovations electrical

New Homes and Renovations

We can assist with

  • data cabling
  • network cabling
  • television and sound systems
  • home entertainment rooms
  • power points
  • solar panels
  • advice on power saving options
Electrical Maintenance Port Macquarie


Exit lighting and smoke alarm batteries should be tested every month and routinely maintained. Purcell can do this for both domestic and commercial properties.

Commercial and domestic electrical Mid North Coast Port Macquarie


Purcell Electrics has a flexible range of services available for commercial properties including

  • real estate work
  • program maintenance
  • exit light maintenance
  • smoke detector maintenance
  • earthing
  • cable oxidisation protection
  • layout and design of lighting plans
  • solar energy solutions
  • network cabling
  • safety switch upgrades
Port Macquarie Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

Porcelain fuses in old homes cannot be replaced as they are no longer available. We recommend upgrading to circuit breaker controls and would be happy to explain the benefits to you over the phone.

When doing an upgrade it is also important to do general earthing and cable oxidisation protection for proper connection and safety.

Telecommunications and data - Port Macquarie

Telecommunications & Data

Purcell Electrics can work with you to provide your commercial or domestic data needs including

  • network cabling
  • offices and activity rooms
  • smart HD TVs wired to the internet
  • entertainment rooms set-ups
Fault finding, test and tag - Electrical

Fault Finding, Test and Tag

Regular maintenance means that finding breakdowns and fixing faults is easy, especially when due to wet weather or cable deterioration. We can check safety switches in wet weather and pool filter boxes (when water comes into contact with pool pump rooms). Houses that face the beach tend to have oxidisation problems and circuit breakdowns will occur if regular maintenance and fault finding is not conducted.

Lightning power outlet plans Port Macquarie

Lighting & power outlet plans

Lighting plans take into account what each room will be used for where the power points need to be and how to have the minimum number of lights installed with maximum effect. Bring everything together with a great lighting plan

Purcell Electrics will help you achieve a great, power saving result with

  • two way switching
  • dimming
  • the right combination of hall, stairway and step lighting
  • advice on the latest trends to help with your property's appeal and value. An example: LED lighting around power points - convenient at night, good for kids' and the elderly.
Mid North Coast Port Macquarie Electrical Rewiring


Call us for a no obligation free quote.

Purcell Electrics Port Macquarie
Purcell power point installation

Power point installation

Solar Energy Service

Solar Energy

Purcell electrics rewiring


Safety switches Port Macquarie

Safety switches

Service call Port Macquarie

Service call

New homes and renovations

New homes and renovations

Purcell Electrics Maintenance


Commercial Electrics Port Macquarie

Commercial and domestic

Switchboard upgrades mid north coast

Switchboard upgrades

Telecommunications and data service Port Macquarie

Telecommunications and data

Fault testing and finding Electricals

Fault finding, test and tag

Port Macquarie Lighting Plans

Lighting plans